You have two options of destinations to fly in to: Eugene (EUG) or Portland (PDX). Eugene is much closer (~45 minutes from Corvallis) and more convenient to get in and out of since it’s a small regional airport. Portland is probably the easiest option for most folks, though. It’s about an hour and a half to two hours from PDX to Corvallis depending on traffic, but it’s usually cheaper, there are more options for rental cars and such, and you can check out Portland! Plus, PDX is consistently ranked by Travel and Leisure as America’s Best Airport, even if they are getting rid of the old carpet.

Getting to Corvallis

If you’re renting a car, get on I-5 and head South until Exit 228, then take a right and go straight until you cross the Willamette (pronounced Will-am-it).

For those of you too cool for cars who are choosing to embrace the Oregon lifestyle, we recommend the Hut shuttle that drops you off on campus or at the Hilton.

Travel in Corvallis

For those not renting a car, it’s probably important to note that WE DO NOT HAVE UBER. I think there’s some sort of taxi service, but I wouldn’t put much faith in that, either.

The plus side is that we do have a free bus system that gets you all around town; Corvallis is pretty walkable, especially downtown; and, as of very recently, we have a bike share program! Honestly, bikes are the best way around town anyways. Some of us use them as our primary means of transportation and can only navigate town on back roads and side streets, even when in a large moving automobile…

Gettin’ to the Hitchin’

As much as we love our bikes, you’re going to want to drive to the wedding destination. Not only that, but parking is limited, so you will probably want to ride with someone else so that we don’t turn a beautiful Oregon park into a less ideal parking lot. Please carpool.

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